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Challenges in community-augmented content

Downtown Seattle, Washington and the Bainbridge Island ferry.Image via Wikipedia

I read an article today on The Atlantic Online (“Weni, Widi, Wiki” by Wayne Curtis, read more below) about visiting Seattle using only “the hive mind of the Internet” for travel information. The writer found, as one might expect, many good, useful tips along with a good bit of information that was incorrect or out of date.

The article graphically (OK, well, digitally) illustrates the daunting challenge of getting maximum value from community-augmented content in a Local Information Utility (or Local Information User Community, as some might call it). Who will check it and keep it up to date so users don’t have to sort through all the debris?

Well, I guess you can read the rest yourself if you like. Gotta go.

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Cedar LIUC? Water LIUC?

It’s hard to resist a good challenge, like the one I encountered recently to come up with “an engaging and attractive name for LIU” — which stands for the boring but descriptive Local Information Utility. I had said something about it not being very sexy, in the purest marketing sense of the term. My first thought was that Lucy would be a fine nickname, for what may be obvious reasons.

We might only need to tweak LIU just a bit to arrive at Local Information User Community as the new generic handle for a LoMediaCo-initiated information repository that is augmented (wikified?) by members of the LoCo.

If such a LIUC (pronounced, of course, LOO-cee) were to be initiated (instigated, invented, developed, built?) in the eastern portion of Iowa it might be branded specifically to the Corridor or to however the LoMediaCo decides to define the LoCo.

Hmmmm. One could easily get carried away here. Gotta go.

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To tweet or not to tweet?

Barack ObamaImage via Wikipedia

Over breakfast this morning at the Butterfly Cafe, a friend and I had an interesting convo about Twitter and what that was really all about. I had recommended it to a friend just last night as a quick, easy way to keep in touch with his daughters in Kansas City — and for them to let him know what they were up to. I had also come across, found some people writing poetry, and was fascinated to learn that right after I had started “following” Barack Obama’s Twitter updates, he started following me right back even though he supposedly is busy trying to ward off a late surge by Hillary Clinton. (He doesn’t look like he’s following me, does he?) My daughter twitters occasionally and I found a cousin doing some research using Twitter.

Perhaps the best take-away from the breakfast — besides the good coffee, fine cheese omelet and rye toast — was Chuck’s suggestion that I look at a slideshow he had just blogged about at Local Information Utility. It’s 300+ slides, but as he said, it goes quickly.

Roughly somewhere in the middle, blogger Trisha Okubo recommends making a “Stoplist” — i.e., a list of things to stop doing.

I’m still not sure about this, having had only a few days’ experience as a Twitterer thus far, but unless I can nail down exactly how that fun little diversion is improving my life, it will be going right to the top of my Stoplist soon.

If you have some thoughts on whether I should continue to “tweet” (which is what seems to be the name for a message sent via Twitter), please pass them along soon.


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