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TFT* Part IV: Climbing’s easier with smaller beer belly

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We’ve got about three months to get ready for TOMRV weekend, Blackjack Hill, The Wall and all those other hills. Time to get serious.

It has been scientifically proven (by me) that the less you and your bicycle weigh, the easier it is to climb hills.

“Elementary,” you might say.

“Duh,” you might say.

“Everybody knows that,” you might say.

True. But not everyone knows how to lighten the load.

I do.

Problem: Say you’ve got a big beer belly. Depending on your size, that could easily be good for 20 pounds or more.

Solution: Cut your beer consumption in half.

Yeah, that sounds pretty drastic, but you don’t really need to go through a case a week. Even if it’s not really beer, like Bud Light, it adds up. Reduce that to two six-packs a week. Feel free to reduce further.

You don’t drink a case of beer a week? Cut it in half anyway.

Not a beer drinker but still have that big belly? Cut something else in half. Instead of pizza four days a week, reduce to two.

Have a thing for grilled cheese sandwiches? Limit those to one per week. (No one should have less than one grilled cheese sandwich per week.)

Best tip? Ride, ride, ride, then ride some more.

It works and it’s fun.

Pedal on.

*Training for TOMRV. Feel free to use these tips to prepare for other bike rides. Check with your doctor first.

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