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Unhappy with lack of cycling news? Do something about it

The Des Moines Register reported on Gary Fisher’s visit to a West Des Moines bike shop while he was in Iowa for the Iowa Bicycle Summit.

A couple of commenters quickly took the DMR to task for not covering the summit itself.

While I’d like to see more in the news about cycling, of course, I’d like to challenge these folks to quit their anonymous whining and do some reporting themselves.

  • Add your comments to this blog right here, or make your own blog. It isn’t rocket science.
  • If you were at the bike summit, tell us about it.
  • If you weren’t, find someone who was and ask them to write about it.

Don’t count on the mainstream media to give you the news. The newspapers that aren’t bleeding out or already pronounced dead are trying desperately to figure out how to save themselves. If they don’t see the payoff, they’re not going to spend the money. Television news? Let’s just say they have obviously limited resources, too.

I was hoping to find some coverage here in C.R. the other day about a report that our local Bicycle Advisory Committee was to make to the city council. Nada so far. (If there was some, please let me know. I emailed bicycle coordinator Ron Griffith to ask if he can share what he told the council. I’ll pass along whatever I get.)

You can whine about how little attention cycling gets in the media, or you can make a difference yourself.

Put up. And use your real name.

Just stop it with the whining already.

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Bicycle bits: Gary Fisher, the “happy invention” and more

Mountain bike “legend” Gary Fisher will speak at Bike Night during the Iowa Bicycle Summit in January.

Details here, along with a link to Fisher on video talking about the “bike revolution.”

Excerpt: “It could be argued this is the world’s happiest invention.”

If you ride a bike in Iowa, you should be an IBC member. Click here and join.


Friends and family on RAGBRAI 2008

Friends and family on RAGBRAI 2008

An email tells me registration is open now for RAGBRAI XXXVII. (I believe that’s 37. Wow.) The dates are July 19-25, 2009. You can register at

You going?

If you’ve never done it, you should.

Pedal on.

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