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Tax break for commuting cyclists

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Now there’s some good news for people who would rather bicycle to work than drive, or who now can’t afford to drive to work, from a report by the League of American Bicyclists:

The “bailout” bill approved last week included a tax break for bicycle commuters.

See for details, and get a bike if you don’t already have one.

Pedal on.

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Getting friendly with cycling

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Speaking of bicycling, Rick Smith reports in his Eye on the Island blog that Cedar Rapids wants to become more friendly to it. Worthy goal, not easily accomplished. The League of American Bicyclists takes its “Bicycle Friendly Community” designation pretty seriously, as it should. A city doesn’t get that rating easily and without some serious commitment.

Anyone and everyone in the cycling community should get behind this effort and help make it happen. There are obvious benefits for cyclists, but there are benefits for the rest of the citizenry, too, in terms of improved image that attracts businesses, jobs and people. A quick look at some of the “best places to live” stories that come out now and then will show that many of the best places to live are friendly to cycling. (The names Portland, Fort Collins and Madison, WI, come up a lot.) To paraphrase Lance Armstrong’s book title, it’s not just about bicycling. Being bicycle-friendly is one highly visible sign that a community is vibrant and interested in quality of life issues.

Give the city leadership a yellow jersey if they can get this done. They’ll need help from some cyclists.

Pedal on.

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