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Why is there water?

Just as air is for filling up volleyballs and basketballs and footballs*, not to mention bicycle tires and soccer balls, water for many of us is something that keeps a canoe or a kayak or a bass boat afloat.

Water is for washing cars, keeping the lawn green, swimming around in and splashing on others. We drink it and use it to brush our teeth and wash our clothes and do so many other mundane things.

In much of the United States and, I suppose, much of the rest of the world, we have trouble even imagining life without clean, fresh water.

Take a look at charity: water and it won’t be so hard to imagine.

You’ll learn that:

“Almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean drinking water. Unsafe water and a lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of all disease and kill more people than all forms of violence, including war.”

You will learn what you can do to help, and how far even a modest cash donation will go.

Another way to help: Buy a copy (or two or three) of the social media book Age of Conversation 3: It’s Time to Get Busy! using one of these links:

Why? All of the proceeds go to charity: water.

I know that because I’m one of the book’s many co-authors. I slipped in there among some pretty deep thinkers and innovative marketing types. Consider it a must-read, and help bring clean drinking water to people who really, really need it.

* * *

*Paraphrasing the great Bill Cosby, of course.

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Dropped chain, Palin vocabulary much ado about nothing

Controversy and mistakes sometimes make for good television, whether they’re the result of a dropped chain in a big bike race or what amounts to just another typo by a passing fancy who refused to pass.

Sarah Palin - Dead Grizzly
Image by smiteme via Flickr

Take the outrage over Alberto Contador’s reclaiming the yellow jersey in the Tour de France. Andy Schleck was the overall leader until his chain came off and he had to stop to fix it. Contador sped on.

How unsportsmanlike of AC to “attack” Schleck at that point! some fans cried.

What a display of dishonor!

Schleck had anger in his stomach and vowed to take his revenge. (That was the good television part – the melodrama.) Contador was booed on the podium and even apologized, but continued to hold the lead.

I have to agree with commentator Phil Liggett: Contador did nothing wrong. If an Olympic sprinter stumbles in a run for the gold, do her opponents stop and wait for her to get up? When a NASCAR driver blows an engine, do the other guys pull over while he switches cars?

Let it go, people.

Then there’s the hoo-ha over what was simply the latest example of Sarah Palin’s chronic cluelessness.

Were her tweets really an important part of the story about where a mosque should be in New York? Was her use – again – of the non-word “refudiate” newsworthy?

No, and no.

Good television, though, if you’re into dumbed-down discourse and style without substance or spelling.

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An open social media letter to some friends

Party Line

Image by mhartford via Flickr

Dear friends:

You don’t need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the world of social media after all.

You are already here.

That “kicking and screaming” image came up twice recently, once when I used it and then just the other day when I started reading “The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web.” Across the top of the book’s front cover is a quote from Dave McClure, 500hats, in which he says of author Tamar Weinberg:

“I can think of no one more qualified to bring you kicking and screaming into the 21st century…”

The book, obviously, targets those who have a stake in marketing themselves or their companies well. You may or may not have a similar stake, although if I were selling real estate (you know who you are) I would be exploring the possibilities.

So why do I say you are already here in the world of social media? In part, maybe I use the terms “social” and “media” a bit differently from the way some others might. (A telephone line could fit into my definition of a social medium.)

Look at what you’ve been doing:

  • You have sent emails to many, many people – sometimes sharing the pictures you’ve taken on your cell phones and digital cameras.
  • Growing numbers of you text friends and family. (That’s one digital habit I’ve managed to avoid picking up so far.) Maybe you’re even sexting each other. I don’t wanna know.
  • You frequently use search engines to get new information on where to eat or drink or how much your trip will cost, and you share what you’ve learned.
  • Some of you read blogs and the comments on blogs and news stories.
  • A couple of you participated rather actively by commenting on what I said in an interview about “Age of Conversation 3: It’s Time to Get Busy!

Still, many of you do not use Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or any of the other sites and networks commonly thought of as “social media.”

That doesn’t matter. You are already part of the conversation, which is what is important.

And I didn’t notice any kicking or screaming.

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