I’m a free-range writer with one foot in Iowa, the other in Colorado, and bicycles in both great states. I can always tell where I am by remembering that in Iowa there are no mountains blocking the spectacular summer views of lush, green, rolling hills.

A co-author of Age of Conversation 3: It’s Time to Get Busy and the new history of Rockwell Collins, 75 Years of Innovation, I’m looking for new opportunities and writing projects.

For more information, please see my:

My lovely and talented wife and I co-authored Prologue & Promise: 150 Years of Cedar Rapids Progress (1998 WDG Communications). I have also written on topics as diverse as banking, RVs, paper and plastics, travel, e-learning, corn sweeteners, contactless payments technology and sagebrush control.

My degree from the University of Iowa is in journalism. I’ve worked for a newspaper syndicate (editing columns by Lewis Grizzard, Stanley Karnow, Dr. Art Mollen and others), two daily newspapers, two public relations agencies, the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Census Bureau. (2/24/2019: A previous version of this paragraph included a reference to Ralph Nader’s column, which my colleague Sharon Malheiro edited. I’m not sure how I got mixed up on that. She also got to work with Stan Lee and his Spiderman strip.) 

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