What to do with that extra bicycle: Give it away!

Updated 8/25/2010: Here’s a link to the article mentioned below, published in the Greater Park Hill News: Hard-Earned Bike Helps Park Hill Woman Exercise.

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If you’re in the Denver area and have a bicycle or bike gear you no longer need, consider giving it to The Bike Depot.

The nonprofit organization helps residents of Park Hill and surrounding neighborhoods by teaching bike maintenance and safety, encouraging healthy lifestyles and making bicycles available to children and adults who can’t afford to buy them.

I recently interviewed a woman who had just gotten a bicycle – and more – through the organization’s Earn a Bike program. Keep an eye out for a link to the story soon after it appears in the local community newspaper.

The Bike Depot concept would be great to see working in many other communities.

Full disclosure: The time working on that story was my first donation to The Bike Depot.
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