7 sights you won’t see at C.R. bike races

Never been to a bicycle race before? Don’t know what to expect?

You will see lots of fast people on bicycles at the state championship criterium Saturday in Cedar Rapids. Here are some things and people you probably won’t see:

Francisco Mancebo Rock Racing
Image by richardmasoner via Flickr

Podium girls. What a shame. There should be podium girls – and to be fair, I suppose, there should be podium boys for the women’s races.

Unprotected noggins. These folks wear helmets for a reason. Good example for all of us – you don’t have to be going fast to hurt your head.

Mountain bikes. It’s just not the day for dirt. For the most part, these racers should be staying on the streets.

Helicopters hovering overhead providing television coverage. So here’s your overhead view of the course.

The guy in the devil costume. OK, you never know. Maybe El Diablo will show up.

Kickstands. These bikes are not meant to stand still. You might see kickstands on some spectators’ bikes.

AMF Roadmaster bikes. This isn’t “Breaking Away” and the Little 500, but there will be some locals competing on their own home turf … er, pavement.

Be there. Downtown starting at noon. The details.

It’s all free for spectators.

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