Tales from the Front Range: Return to the Poudre

When someone offers you a free rafting adventure, as my friend’s daughter’s river guide boyfriend did the other day, what else can you do?

You go, especially when it’s June on the Cache la Poudre River near Fort Collins.

You do this even if it’s just an hour after a hike to the Greyrock summit that was a good bit more strenuous than you expected. (I have a few pictures of my own, but the ones at that link are better.)

This video isn’t of our group but is on the same stretch of river.

If you have a chance, do this sometime – even if you don’t get it free.

Some friends and I had a similar adventure a few years ago (documented here on my website). This time around, the Quinn sons wimped out on the rafting, so Dan and I went with his daughter and her friends. (Mrs. Quinn will have to go next time.)

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