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Google maps couldn’t give me “bicycle” directions from Centennial to Black Hawk, Colorado, but it appears to be uphill. (Where I sit is about 5,800 feet while the little “bicycle ban” town is a bit over 8,000.)

By road, it’s a trip of about 53 miles.

Lacking the time to pedal there today (on my mountain bike it would take me … a while, let’s say) and not wanting to burn the fossil fuel or cash it would take to drive there, I sent an email up into the mountains instead. It should be there by now.

Bicycle ban: Wouldn’t it be better to attract people to town?

Dear Council Members:

Many other communities encourage people who ride bicycles to visit, with the result that those people become customers of local businesses and spend money. Such towns become tourist destinations for people who otherwise would not think of visiting.

Here is a link to one example of how it’s done:

As an experienced public relations professional — and an avid cyclist who has spent more money than I care to think about in other Colorado mountain towns — I encourage you to extend a welcoming hand to these potential customers. It’s good for business.

You could even generate a good deal of positive publicity by reversing course on this issue. I would be happy to discuss how I might assist.

# # #

I figure it can’t hurt to try. Send your own polite letter about the bike ban to:

Pedal on.

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