Spelling it out for motorists: Share the Road signs

A followup to last year’s prediction:

Linn County officials did agree to take ownership of Share the Road signs funded by cyclists – now being put in place as explained in this story – and very reasonably won’t charge cyclists for maintenance.

A few quick thoughts:

  1. Cyclists who pedal those county roads for the most part already knew they had to share the roads with motorists. It’s kind of hard not to know you are sharing that space when you’re on a bicycle. It is motorists who need to be educated on the concept.
  2. Yes, sometimes cyclists can be rude. So can motorists. Welcome to the world.
  3. Mrs. Smith and I helped pay for those signs, along with a bunch of other individuals and the Hawkeye Bicycle Association. I still maintain, however, that it’s the equivalent of asking individual motorists to take up a collection to install yield signs or paint yellow “no passing” stripes on the highways. Such signage should be treated just like any other public infrastructure, just as alternative transportation should be included in all road planning.

You’ve probably heard it’s National Bike Month. Good time to be educating the motoring public and your elected decision-makers. Let ’em know what you think.

Be polite.

Pedal on.

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