Age of Conversation 3: It’s Time to Get Busy!

Off the bike:

As a daily newspaper reporter back in the 20th century, I was used to writing news stories one day and having them land on people’s doorsteps just a few hours later. Books don’t happen like that.

Age of Conversation 3A call for authors to contribute chapters to this book went out five or so months ago. It’s due out in mid-April as hardback and paperback and in Kindle and iPad versions.

Click the cover image for more about the book, which I co-authored with, oh, somewhere around 175 other writers. (Maybe I should say co-co-co-co-…authored.) Among them is my former colleague Carol Bodensteiner, author of Growing Up Country: Memories of an Iowa Farm Girl.

Hiya, Carol!

Another book, which I’m not sharing with so many other writers, is nearing publication, too, after about a year in the works. More on that in the next few weeks, too.

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