Bicycle time is different from other time

Bicycle time is different from other time. It is not ordinary.

Like fishing time or time spent walking in the woods, it is never wasted. It does not count against one’s lifetime allotment of hours.

It is better time than most.

Time on a bicycle, moving one’s self simply from place to place, is time for thought, or not. On a quiet, smooth, open road or lonely trail, the mind can declutter and focus, or go utterly blank, hypnotized by rhythm and cadence and steady rush of air.

In contrast, time spent jammed in traffic is lost forever, like vacation not taken and the innocence of youth, like time spent in anger or self-pity or idling in a drive-through lane waiting for cappuccino or cash or anything inanimate.

Such minutes and hours and days, like my darling Clementine, are lost and gone forever, dreadful sorry.

Pedal on.

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