Roller racers go nowhere fast

What do bicycle racers do on snowy, icy winter days in Iowa?

Well, some of them go out and ride their bicycles in the ice and snow. Some can be found working out on rollers in the evening at Hall Bicycle in Cedar Rapids.

It could be that they’re getting ready for something like Rollin’ the Rapids. It’s part of a series of roller races, in which cyclists see how fast they can cover two miles while riding in place.

I’m told a person can get used to riding on rollers fairly quickly. Going as fast as some of these folks go is a whole ‘nother story. Two miles in 05:15.7?

I could do that … if the two miles were downhill.

HBA racers Rob McKillip (left) and Tom Treharne (foreground on bike).

Here’s what a roller race looks like when it’s rollin’:

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