Seven favorite reasons for #whyweride

Seven of my favorite reasons for cycling, from some pedaling people you might follow on Twitter:

@dudeonabike: I ride my bike so my kids know that they can too.

@GraphikDeziner When post 60+ mile ride you can totally have no shame in crashing out and watching trashy tv

@VeloBusDriver – So I can park closest to the front door at the mall!

@5minutecommute: Because on two legs I’m lumbering and awkward but on two wheels I’m grace and beauty.

@LACycleChic: Because when I don’t my daughter asks “why did we have to take the car?”

@CoyotesBike Riding let’s us know the real world at the right speed. Fast enough to see lots of places and slow enough to enjoy them.

@iws I can become a challenger, a sightseer, and a happy man immediately, when I ride.

You’ll find lots of other great reasons with the #whyweride hashtag.

Pedal on.

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