Seven bike rides to consider for 2010

Seven rides to consider for 2010. There are dozens of others, of course. These are just a few Mrs. Smith and I have experienced in one way or another:

  1. BRR – The February ride from Perry to Rippey, Iowa. Don’t go just for the ride. Stay overnight. Party in Perry. Yes, it might be very cold.
  2. RAGBRAI – Make no mistake: this is a big one. But you already knew that.
  3. Ride the Rockies – OK, we haven’t done this one, but we were in Frisco a couple of years ago, mere hours after the ride started there. Doesn’t count? Well, maybe we’ll do it in 2010. Subject came up just the other day. We’ll see if it was idle chatter or not. (Friends who have done it say it’s a great time.)
  4. SAGBRAW – Greatly enjoyed this several years ago, except for the rainy day in Door County and riding blind in the fog along Lake Michigan.
  5. Swine Trek – An annual Eastern Iowa ride with several choices of routes and distances.
  6. TOMRV – Good challenge in June every year, with an opportunity to do back-to-back centuries.
  7. Tour de Wyoming – One that is definitely on my do-over list. Next time, Mrs. Smith can skip the emergency room visit for stitches in her foot and I’ll try not to get food poisoning and miss the last day.

Have any of your own favorites to recommend? We’re especially interested in finding three- or four-day tours. One of us has sworn off the seven-day RAGBRAI road show as just too much of a good thing.

Suggestions welcome.

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  1. 1 LAMBA December 12, 2009 at 9:26 am

    And… Wednesday nights at Beverly Park.

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