Nasty reactions to Share the Road efforts

After asking people on Twitter and Facebook yesterday to advise me on keeping a daily newspaper subscription, this morning I discovered at least one advantage of getting my news online.

I came across this article about our efforts to improve safety on county roads.

The advantage of reading it online?

Sometimes I forget how many ignorant and potentially dangerous people are hiding under rocks out there. Then the mostly anonymous, uninformed and often venomous commenters expose their contempt  and sometimes hatred for others, and I remember to be more careful.

You don’t get that immediate feedback in a daily newspaper.

Concerns about how tax money is spent certainly are legitimate, but inexpensive signage telling people to be careful isn’t asking much. We will have signs.

Wide shoulders might be a good idea in some places, and it’s responsible and smart for the supervisors to be looking into that concept. (It isn’t just cyclists who benefit from wider shoulders and better-built roads.)

It’s clear we have a long way to go to educate people about sharing the road. Some will never get it, so be careful out there.

Later, I’ll share some of what I heard about renewing my subscription to the daily paper. I don’t have to make a decision for a few days yet.

Pedal on.


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