Keep the newspaper? Some advice for me

Off the bike…

Mrs. Smith and I are trying to decide if we should renew our subscription to the newspaper that employed her for 19 years or so before she decided to move on.

I asked for advice the other day. Following are some of the responses that came via Twitter and Facebook. (I think I used my weekly quota of asterisks.)

Unless otherwise indicated, these came from Eastern Iowa:

Dave* – I would keep your Gazette subscription for sure!

Paul (MN) – I went to weekend only subscription a couple years ago. I can only take the time and aggravation a couple days a week.

Ron – I only read the Sat/Sun edition for years then dropped it to read the e-Edition

Rita – If I made the choice on that in my household – it would be ‘no’ though I do enjoy chatting with the delivery woman at 6:30 am. It is a rehash of local – on all the time – news.

Rob – Dumped mine 20 years ago. Test is: do you recycle them unopened??

Denise – Haven’t gotten the paper in yes. There r so many ways ti keep informed

Jennifer** – Keep it. Keep it. Keep it.

Beverly (MN) – I got rid of mine years ago. Minnneapolis Trib had nothing to say and had gone to bigger print…I think to fill the space. Tried New York Times on sunday. That kept me up to date. So, you decide…

Sarah*** – How will you do your crossword puzzles?

B.J. – Good question, Sarah! I hardly ever get to do them (since your Mom does them). I swore off Sudokus as a waste of time. I can read those great Jennife rHemmingsen columns online…. Still undecided and waiting for more community input.

Larry – We still get the weekend papers but gave up the daily 6 months ago. No content beyond what was on last nights TV news and I can read it on line for free. I don’t miss it a bit.

B.J. – We do read them pretty closely B4 recycling. Sometimes enjoy the wacky letters to editor. Check the obits to make sure I’m not there….

D’Anne (NJ) – if you can subscribe (paid) online, save a tree; I still subscribe to 2 dailes (7 x/week) although both are available online, 1 is free online, but who’s paying the freight if there’s no advertisers? and advertisers won’t advertise if there’s no circ. even so, on line adverts go for pennies, not the $$$ of paper. So subscribe (online or paper) to newspapers with meaningful content.

I had thought I might provoke a response from a circulation type making a case for home delivery, but nothing like that so far. One more loss won’t make much difference, right?

Now leaning toward dropping it to see if I can handle the withdrawal. I had a rough time recently when visiting my sister at her newspaper-free home in Denver, but after 14 days the craving for the rustle of newsprint with my morning coffee was pretty much gone.

* * *
* Dave Storey is publisher of the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Nice try, Dave. I hope the feedback from these folks is helpful.
** Jennifer Hemmingsen, Gazette columnist.
*** My daughter.

2 Responses to “Keep the newspaper? Some advice for me”

  1. 1 art sibold aka 'art3' December 2, 2009 at 7:57 pm

    Keep it!! I value the complete stories in my daily Gazette. I find TV is a news medium driven by sensationalism. In the Gazette, the write provides an email so I can follow up or comment.

  2. 2 B.J. Smith December 2, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    Art, we seem to be heading for a trial period of just getting the newspaper on weekends. As a pretty much lifelong news junkie, I’m not sure how this will work.

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