Help pave the Cedar Valley Nature Trail

For the price of a bicycle tire, a few spare tubes or maybe a few pitchers of beer, you can help more people enjoy the Cedar Valley Nature Trail.

Nature trail at County Home Road

Of course, you can donate $100, $250, $1,000 or more if you want. Think big.

Your contribution will help extend the paved portion of the trail in Linn County from County Home Road north to Lafayette – a 3.5-mile section most people have never even seen.

The Linn County Trails Association just kicked off a campaign to raise about $96,000 in matching funds for the project.

Think about it:

  • Paving the way to Lafayette means no more mud or ruts in wet weather.
  • You’ll be able to walk, skate or run farther down the trail while you’re pushing the kids along in their strollers on a nice, smooth surface.
  • More people will use the trail, burning more calories and improving their health.
  • More of the trail will be accessible to people who use wheelchairs and those battery-powered scooters.
  • That pricey road bike you don’t like taking off the pavement? Less grit to pick up.

I’m hoping some entrepreneur will even open a new business there in Lafayette. People would ride their bicycles down the trail just to get a piece of pie. (You know you would.)

Every dollar you donate will be matched by six dollars from state and local agencies.

To donate online, visit the Linn County Trails Association’s website.

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  • I’m happy to have joined the LCTA board recently.
  • Some years ago, I rode my Huffy road bike on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail from Hiawatha to Center Point, a distance of about 13 miles. An out-of-shape, overweight smoker at the time, I barely made it while most of my friends had no problem. Four bicycles and many thousands of miles later, I’d be more than happy to talk about how that trail ride and others changed my life and helped me kick that old smoking habit. Smokers, you can quit, too.
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4 Responses to “Help pave the Cedar Valley Nature Trail”

  1. 1 Bob Lehman November 19, 2009 at 9:45 am

    I will be happy to put my contribution in to a worthy goal. Paving to Lafayette is a great start. Let’s also push to pave to Ely and Solon to the south. 5 to 7 miles per year is a great goal to move toward Center Point and Iowa City. Also for what it is worth how about the county keeping the trail open and plowed year round.

  2. 2 Matt Shaffer February 23, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    Yeah let’s pave a nature trail ??????? There is nothing wrong with trail the way it is. Nothing there stops anyone from biking on it and you don’t get flat tires from riding on fine crushed limestone. You may whine cause you cannot ride on it in March and November, well so what no one is out there on that section or any other section of trail for those few weeks in spring and fall when the frost is going in an out. I know I have run more miles on that trail and that section in the last decade than anyone has ridden on it or walked on it. It’s all about the bikers isn’t it. Asphalt is so natural and I am sure the animals will just love it. You hypocrites are probably naturalists and environmentalists too.

  3. 3 B.J. Smith February 23, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    Matt, I appreciate your taking the time to comment, but I really don’t recall whining about anything.

  1. 1 Jill and Eric Penne » Blog Archive » Trails group wants your answers Trackback on March 29, 2010 at 10:41 pm
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