Bicycle parking for Linn supervisors meeting

Westdale Mall removed its bicycle-parking racks because of vandalism, I learned in an email today.

And with Westdale housing Linn County offices, and the supervisors discussing bicycles and county roads in a few days, some people were wondering where they might put their two-wheelers should they decide to ride to that Monday morning meeting.

Solution? That’s what the email was about:

“The Bicycle Advisory Committee and Bicycle Ambassadors will provide bicycle parking for the Linn County Supervisors meeting on improving cycling on county roads, Monday November 16 from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. We will set up at the 130 entrance to the Linn County offices at Westdale Mall. (The mall removed all of their bicycle racks due to vandalism).”

Hoping to see lots of you there.

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