Cedar Rapids bike friendly? No, but Iowa City is, in a bronze sort of way

Cedar Rapids has been mentioned honorably by the League of American Bicyclists for its efforts to become bicycle friendly. The city came up just short of a bronze rating, the lowest Bicycle Friendly Community designation. (Iowa City did get a bronze, joining Cedar Falls in the BFC ranks.)

Downtown C.R.

Downtown C.R.

Sounds about right.

Cedar Rapids isn’t bike friendly, but it is bike friendlier than it was a year ago.

The present City Council and the people who are responsible for the progress understand the value of becoming a better place for people to pedal where they want to go.

They know it will encourage residents to live healthier lifestyles and that one characteristic of a great place to live – the “vibrant community” of our city’s vision statement – is that it’s a great place to ride a bicycle.

They surely know that being recognized for the effort has value in marketing the community to potential employers, visitors and residents. Improving next year and the year after that will have even more value.

Congratulations on the honorable mention, but don’t be satisfied with it.

Pedal on.

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