Find hit-run driver, make Linn roads safer

Share the road
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Let’s hope Joseph Richey recovers quickly from his injuries after being hit by a motorist who left the scene Thursday evening.

Let’s also hope that:

  • The driver is caught soon and held accountable.
  • Our fellow citizens will be more aware of their responsibilities when operating their motor vehicles (not to mention more careful).
  • Our county supervisors will help make that happen by following through – and soon – on previous statements of interest in making our roads safer for bicycling.

I sent them the following message this morning after reading about the County Home Road incident, and will post any responses I get. Linda Langston and Lu Barron both had said recently that they would discuss “Share the Road” issues with our county engineer.

Linda and Lu, I’m sure you’ve heard about this incident by now:

I realize that “Share the Road” signs and other education efforts will not eliminate all accidents and irresponsible driving. However, I think much can be done to make people more aware of their responsibilities and improve the safety of our roads.

What have you heard back from the county engineer on the subject? What are you prepared to do to protect our safety?

If other supervisors would like to respond, that would be appreciated.

I’m sure the supervisors would like to hear from you, too.

Here’s a link to the information you need.

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