400 pedaled with the mayors

Getting ready to rideWord from the Linn County Trails Association is there were 400 registered riders for the Mayors Bicycle Ride on Monday.

No definitive word on how many mayors showed up in addition to C.R.’s Kay Halloran (pictured getting ready to help Councilman Tom Podzimek pedal his tandem).

Some of the mayors who said they would attend seem to have sent staffers to stand in – pedal in, I suppose – for them.

Photographer Dave Glandon was a volunteer and rider. Click here for a few of his pictures and his ride report.

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1 Response to “400 pedaled with the mayors”

  1. 1 Art September 9, 2009 at 5:36 pm

    I recall the following: Robins Mayor (Ian Cullis?) plus a tall mayor dressed in yellow and black, and one other (Marion?), and Center Point mayor…so maybe 4 mayors plus Mayor Halloran. I got to ride alongside Mayor Halloran as we passed underneath the walkway between 5 Season’s hotel and its parking garage.

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