Iowa cyclist killed in hit and run (updated)

Updated 9/16: An arrest in the case.

* * *

If I had known another Iowa cyclist had been killed that morning, I’d have spoken a little more forcefully when I urged State Sen. Rob Hogg and State Rep. Tyler Olson in the afternoon to get our bike safety law passed.

The answer to avoiding these accidents is not to banish cyclists from the roads. It is to vigorously prosecute those who break the law and who kill people when they do it.

Education is one of the 5 E’s of making a place bicycle friendly. Enforcement is another.

Sending offenders to prison may be the only form of education some folks understand.

One citizen who participated in Hogg’s bike ride on Sunday mentioned Iowa’s ranking as the sixth most bicycle-friendly state. I worry that it says more about how bad things are elsewhere than it says about how terrific Iowa is.

Passing that bicyclists’ “bill of rights,” as Hogg called it, would help make No. 6 mean something.

Find that pickup truck. Lock up the driver.

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