Linn supervisors and cycling issues

Last fall, I asked candidates for Linn County supervisor positions:

If you are elected, what will you do to make our roads safer for the bicycling public?

A recent suggestion by a small group of Iowans that cyclists should be banned from farm-to-market roads prompted me to ask what our supervisors have done for us since the election.

I also encouraged them to sign the Iowa Bicycle Coalition’s pro-cycling petition to help protect our rights.

Assuming for now that they’ll respond, watch this space for their comments.

8/14 update: Sent supervisors a reminder with additional questions:

  • What are your thoughts on posting of “Share the Road” signage (as used on many roads in Buchanan County) on Linn County roads?
  • What else can be done to make our roads safer for cyclists and motorists?

Response from Brent Oleson 8/14:

I support cycling and road sharing. I do not support cycling bans from the roads. We need future roads to be constructed with bike lanes.

To a follow-up question about putting up “Share the Road” signs, he responded:

I am not opposed, but would need to see fiscals on that.

Response from Linda Langston 8/14:

In the simplest of terms, I support bicycling and think we need to continue to educate people in Linn County on how to share and make the roads safer for everyone.  I’m very committed to improved health outcomes and getting folks to be more physically active is a good thing.  Bicycling is just one component of a healthy life style.  I’ll talk to [County Engineer] Steve Gannon about the signs.

Response from Lu Barron 8/20:

I am working with our MPO on the complete streets program  and through Conservation we are trying to finish up segment g bike trail through Ely and the county line.  I was the one that appointed Adam [Lindenlaub] to be our County coordinator for bike trails.  I have also been working on a commutor bike trail between Marion and Rockwell and over HWY 30.

To a follow-up question about putting up “Share the Road” signs, she responded:

I have asked the county engineer to look into the signs.  In the County we can look at widening a road when we are working on that paticular road.  It is costly but if there are specfic roads that bikers like I can make sure we look at it.

Response from Ben Rogers 8/20:

First of all, I am not in favor of banning bicycles on farm to market roads.  I understand there is some inherent danger being on those roads, but to ban bicycles from those roads seems rather excessive and unnecessary.

I am not familiar with the “Share the Road” signage in Buchanan Co.  Are they placed on County roads, city roads and/or farm-to-market roads?  Any information you have on that would be great.

I would be interested in what you have for suggestions on making roads safer for bicyclists.  I do not get to ride my bicycle as much as I would like to and am not well versed in some of the challenges bicyclists face on a regular basis.  Your input and suggestions would be helpful for me to better understand some of the challenges bicyclists face on Linn County roads.

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  1. 1 Larry Howe August 20, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    Very encouraging words from our county supervisors. Thanks to them for the thoughtful replies and to Bernie for posing the questions.

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