Anti-cycling petition includes phony Barron signature

OK, I was going to leave the “ban bicycles” thing alone after the other day, but when I learned that “Lu Barron” was on an anti-cycling petition, I had to check into it.

It’s not really Linn County Supervisor Lu Barron, and she quickly asked the petition site to remove her name when I contacted her about it by email.

phony petition signatureSo weak is the ban-the-bicycle movement that its supporters have resorted to forgery. Maybe somebody was trying to make Lu Barron look bad, too, by associating her with this misguided silliness.

Sad. Makes a person wonder how many other names on the list are fakes.

Sad, too, that so many people don’t have real names. Anonymous on petitions? Cripes, if you want your opinion to count, stand behind it.

As I said before, no one is going to ban bicycles from Iowa roads. Let’s pedal on now.

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