Good business: Be nice to people on bicycles

The folks at Parlor City Pub & Eatery have figured it out:

Being friendly to people who ride bicycles is good for business.

Conveniently located in New Bohemia, they no doubt noticed there was some pretty good cycling traffic going by. 3rd Street has great potential, and more cyclists than usual since it became a convenient detour around a closed section of the Cedar River Trail.

Now Parlor City is enticing us in with chances to win a new bicycle, as if food and drink wasn’t enough. Good for them.

Show up on your bicycle. Share an order of quesadillas with the missus and order yourself a stein of Stella, and you’ve got yourself two chances to win.

The missus skips the beer? She still gets a chance of her own.

I’m sure there are official rules, but that’s how it worked for us on Tuesday.

Want to see more businesses being bicycle friendly?

Patronize this one – on your bicycle. Others will catch on, if they’re smart.

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