Buy a permit to ride your bicycles?

Imagine having to get a permit and buy insurance to go for a bicycle ride with a group of friends.

Would you do it, or would you find somewhere else to ride?

Regulating bicycling like this has been discussed before in Iowa, as supervisors looked for protection from liability issues, and now apparently it is being considered in Johnson County.

I imagine it won’t work and the idea will die quickly and soon.

I imagine if the idea is somehow adopted, there will be fewer organized bike rides in Johnson County. I imagine I’d stop before crossing the line from Linn to Johnson County if I thought I’d be ticketed for riding without a permit. No more Saturday morning rides down to North Liberty for breakfast. No more stops at convenience stores in places like Swisher and Shueyville.

If the idea is to keep cyclists off the roads so they can’t sue over unsafe roads, it probably won’t work anyway, and enforcement would be difficult and expensive.

Cyclists of Johnson County: Tell your supervisors what you think about this and save them the trouble of implementing a bad idea. Kill this before it can spread.

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1 Response to “Buy a permit to ride your bicycles?”

  1. 1 crazy commuting cyclist July 4, 2009 at 12:50 pm

    Another Madison County situation?? Remember, anytime a local government wants to regulate it, they will tax the snot out of it first. It started with smoking and everyone said “Ya! Hit them hard because smoking is bad.” Then they passed laws so you can’t smoke in bars and public places and the masses said “YA! Kick them out in to the cold!” And now the eyes of the local government has gazed upon bicycles causing us to say “Hey Wait One Minute!” I hate to say this but we let it happen with smoking and by doing so we reinforce the idea that local, state or federal government can dictate our behaviors.
    We must stop this kind of nanny state mentality by standing up to local, state and federal government. We must not only stop this tax from passing but all future taxes that try to regulate behavior. Because if we don’t ,we will tax and regulate our freedoms away to the Nanny State

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