Trail repairs to start in August

Several more weeks and scenes like the ones below on the Cedar River Trail in Cedar Rapids should be history. Except for the encroaching weeds, the trail this morning looked pretty much like it did right after the flood in June 2008. It is officially closed from Sokol Park to Tait Cummins Park but often used anyway.

The bid letting date is July 2 for the city’s Trail Flood Repair & Levee Repair (AStreet SW) Project. That includes repairs to the Cedar River Trail, Ellis Trail and Sac & Fox Trail in addition to the levee. That’s all to be completed between early August and the end of September. (Thanks to Ron Griffith and Gina Weaver for that info.)

Cedar River trail 013b

Cedar River trail 005b

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  1. 1 crazy commuting cyclist July 1, 2009 at 7:44 am

    It will be nice to see that in repaired. It is a great North/South trail that gets you to a lot of places.

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