TOMRV training over, it’s checklist time

Steve, Steve, Mike, Mark, Tim, Nancy and the rest of you TOMRV virgins, are y’all trained up, fired up and ready to go?

I’m about as ready as I’m going to get (seeing that it starts Saturday). I haven’t followed all of my own basic advice, but I’m 20 or maybe 25 pounds lighter than I was last time I took on this challenging ride, so that’s all on the plus side.

The few 50+-mile rides I’ve gotten in recently have included a pretty good variety of hills, so that’s another plus.

Road bike is in good shape. Tires even match now, not that the color matters. I replaced the back one a few weeks ago after flatting repeatedly, but figured if the front wasn’t “broke” I wouldn’t fix it. Good thing I checked it yesterday – a pebble-size chunk of rubber had gone missing – and that does matter. It was only a matter of miles until pshhhhhhhh. You don’t want to have to replace a tire on TOMRV. Replace a tube or two, sure, but not a tire.

New tires front and back now. New chain, too.

Along with getting a couple of additional rides in between now and Saturday a.m., it’s time to make a Final checklist:

Raingear or camera? I don’t really want to carry any of that and the forecast looks good for now. (Do need to work on the photography skills, though, and we’re going through some great scenery. Camera, maybe. Raingear? Decide that morning.)

Gel or Irish whiskey? Buddy John got us a couple of little plastic bottles that slip easily into a jersey pocket. He says they’re for energy gel – take a swig, then chase it from the big water bottle. Looks to me like one might be good for a little post-ride hooch. Hmmm. Tough call. Thinking….

Pack sunblock. Remember to put it on more than just Saturday morning. This will be two long days outdoors. Small bottle, another jersey pocket.

How to get there? Something on Twitter prompted me to check the TOMRV site for some timely info about driving to Scott Community College in Bettendorf.

Helmet? Duh. You ride a bicycle, you wear a helmet, right?

I’m probably forgetting something.

Oh, yeah: Pedal on.

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2 Responses to “TOMRV training over, it’s checklist time”

  1. 1 crazy commuting cyclist June 11, 2009 at 11:19 am

    Have fun! I am thinking maybe next year I will do this ride. We’ll see how the job situation is by then.

  2. 2 Larry Howe June 11, 2009 at 11:27 am

    No rain gear. It is NOT raining this year. Irish whiskey. They have food at the rest stops but no hooch. Don’t worry about the sunblock. A little melanoma never hurt anyone. Oh wait, maybe I have that one wrong. I’m doing the short route again this year so if I don’t see you along the way I will see you in the beer garden.


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