Cyclists impede traffic? Not so fast

A letter to the Cedar Rapids Gazette’s editor a week or so ago seemed to blame cyclists for getting in the way of a dump truck and causing it to nearly collide head-on with a bigger truck while trying to pass the cyclists.

Concluding (rightly or wrongly) that if the cyclists had suddenly pulled out in front of the dump truck, they would probably be dead, I wrote my own letter to the editor in response. I maintained that the truck driver had passed unsafely. (I still do.)

One reaction stood out for me: the misguided notion that bicyclists impede traffic.

What’s wrong with this is that bicyclists are traffic, and increasingly so.

Our numbers are increasing for good reason, as you’ll see in this article that Mrs. Smith came across the other day. Go read it, and maybe buy the book.

P.S. I received a personal response from the woman who wrote that first letter to the editor. She sent it to the Gazette editor and asked him to forward it to “that anonymous Smith person.” I kind of like the sound of that.


Anonymous Smith

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