Charges filed against driver who struck cyclist; but is that bike a vehicle?

Hit a bicyclist from behind with your car or truck, and you might find yourself charged with nothing, with unsafe passing or maybe failing to properly overtake a vehicle (as just reported in Polk County).

You might even get fined if you kill somebody. It’s hard to see any sort of pattern, isn’t it, except that these incidents often aren’t taken very seriously by law enforcement.

It’s interesting that the bicycle in that Polk County case is being considered a “vehicle,” at least for now. That seems to have been problematic in at least one previous case (the death last year of Randy Van Zee) because Iowa law does not consider a bicycle or other human-powered device to be a vehicle.

The Iowa Legislature failed to change that definition when it had an opportunity to do so in its most recent session.

Will the “overtaking” charge stick?

We’ll see.

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