C.R. Council approves “Bicycle Friendly” action plan

The Cedar Rapids City Council approved the Bicycle Friendly Community Action Plan so quietly at its meeting today that many of the cyclists who were there didn’t immediately realize what had happened.

The resolution was one of many on the council’s consent agenda, meaning those resolutions were voted on as a group without discussion of individual items.

During the public comment period, two members of the Bicycle Advisory Committee – Nikki Davidson and Geoff Eastburn – spoke briefly in support of the cycling resolution. Before the council’s vote on the consent agenda, Councilman Tom Podzimek noted that “more than 30” cyclists were in attendance to show their support.

Moments later, the action plan was approved unanimously as part of the consent agenda.

Kudos to the Bicycle Advisory Committee, the City Council and city staff for taking this big next step (or big pedal stroke, if you prefer) toward becoming a bike-friendly, more liveable city.

We still have miles to go.

Pedal on.

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1 Response to “C.R. Council approves “Bicycle Friendly” action plan”

  1. 1 crazy commuting cyclist May 28, 2009 at 6:31 am

    I wish I could have made that meeting. I found out about it that morning and events of the day was not going to let me attend. This is a great first step on a long journey. If you’re interested on what it takes to become a bike friendly city, check out League of American Bicyclist. There you will find the requirements to become a bike friendly city.

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