Bike Friday Group Rides start May 8 for C.R. council, employees

…Speaking of Bicycle Friendly Communities, the committee that Cedar Rapids put together to advise it on becoming more friendly published its newsletter today.

I’m not sure it has an official online home yet – it arrived by email – but here’s a link to The Bike Lane.

Among the highlights: Something called Bike Friday Group Rides on May 8, 15 and 22. Participants are to include city council members, Bicycle Advisory Committee members and employees from the C.R. Public Works, Development and Police Departments and City Hall.

Based on some sketchy info provided by my own personal representative to the BAC (Mrs. Smith, who is on the committee but seems to have missed a key meeting), the Bike Friday rides are intended to give city employees and decision-makers a close-up look at what it’s like to bicycle in Cedar Rapids. Good idea.

Somebody please send me some pictures. I’ll be out of town the next two Fridays, dang it.

Pedal on.

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