No accident, no slack: Beer-throwing assailant injures Iowa cyclist

In a couple of recent incidents in which Iowa cyclists were seriously injured, there may have been good reasons for law enforcement officers’ either filing no charges against the driver or relatively minor charges.

The driver who hit Ken Sherman was not charged.

The driver who hit Doug Smith was cited for unsafe passing.

I said “may have been good reasons” but I honestly don’t know. In neither case has there been much explanation, if any. In both instances, more serious actions were warranted in the opinions of many cyclists.

Erin Schroeder’s case is clearly different. An individual who throws a beer can from a passing car at a cyclist or pedestrian or anyone else should face serious charges and prison time. Reports say Schroeder was attacked as she rode her bicycle near LeMars earlier this month. Fortunately, she seems to have escaped serious injury.

Whoever threw the beer can, and the driver of the car, can’t claim this was an accident.

Let’s hope they’re caught and charged accordingly.

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