Will Tower Terrace Road have bike lanes or sidepaths? You can help decide

A year ago or so ago, this picture was the highest-rated roadway design of several images shown to people (including me) who attended the Tower Terrace Road Stakeholder Meeting hosted by the Corridor MPO.

Bike lane

Last week, according to a just-received meeting summary, the stakeholders who were present seemed to think a bike lane was too dangerous. (I missed that meeting.)

It looks like that group was more comfortable with removing cyclists from the road and onto a separate sidepath. They reacted more favorably when they saw this next image, in part because the bicycle accommodation is away from the road.



One can’t say conclusively from this that more cyclists attended the meeting in March 2008, but I’d say it’s a good bet. Many of us will argue that the sidepath scenario is the more dangerous one, particularly if the pathway intersects frequently with driveways, cross streets and parking lots. (Review this post for an example.)

For more detail on Tower Terrace Road planning and information about how to contact Corridor MPO staff with your own thoughts about this, click here. Look for another meeting in July.

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