TFT* Part VI: Not that kind of drinking, Steve

Can of Guinness Original, plus the beer in a glass
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Steve, you may have misunderstood my previous post about training for TOMRV. I didn’t mean drinking as in beer. As a RAGBRAI veteran, of course you know how to do that.

We’re talking about hydration, man.

Bud Light or Miller Lite won’t cut it. Even Guinness isn’t that good for you. Which reminds me of another tip you may find useful:

On a century-plus bike ride, don’t stop too long in any one place. My rule of thumb for TOMRV is no more than 10 minutes.

Refuel at each rest stop on cookies, bagels, peanut butter – whatever works best for you – and fill your water bottles (2). Stretch a little maybe. Then get back on your bike and go.

Specifically, do not stop in Galena at a bar and grill for a couple of beers, a cheeseburger and fries, as some friends and I did on my first TOMRV experience.

Bad idea.

Really bad idea.

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