TFT* Part V: For a good long-distance bike ride, learn how to eat and drink

So, Steve, you say you need more advice about getting ready for TOMRV?

Here’s my best, and most serious, advice:

Learn how to eat and drink.

I thought I knew how to do those things. After all, I’ve been doing them for a long time. Confession: I still don’t know how to do them as well as I’d like to get me through almost 200 miles of cycling on a weekend. It’s not like your everyday hydration and nutrition.

Here’s one link that might help us.

There are numerous others, and none will be exactly right for you. You’ll have to experiment.

There’s time to figure this out before June. Try different drinks, gels and energy bars on your training rides. Figure out what works for you – for eating and drinking before, during and after a long ride.

You don’t have to do a century to get ready for a century, but at least a few rides of 60+ miles will be a huge help. The longer the ride, the more fluids and fuel will make a difference.

Pedal on.

*Training for TOMRV


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