Training for TOMRV: Part III

As Yogi Berra might say if he knew about it:

TOMRV is 90 percent mental. The other half is physical.

This is why getting psyched is so important (see TFT: Part I).

You have to really want to do a bicycle ride like this and accept that it is going to be fun. Otherwise, you shouldn’t bother, and you probably won’t.

Some other keys to having a successful TOMRV, or any other bicycle ride that involves people other than yourself:

Mind your manners. Don’t be blowing snot rockets within 50 yards of me. If you do and I get hit, you are probably not going to like what happens. Remember what the Team Cinzano guy did to Dave Stoller’s wheel in Breaking Away? I do.

Play well with others. Let’s say these guys – we’ll call them Bernie, Steve, Steve and Mike – are riding along in a nice, steady pace line. For the sake of argument and fantasy, let’s say they’re going 23 mph into a stiff headwind. (I did say “fantasy,” didn’t I?) Bernie finishes pulling these other guys along for a quarter-mile or so, then drops back for a break and tries to catch Mike’s wheel. Steve should not crank the pace up to 26 mph and drop Bernie’s tired ass and then expect to ever ride with him again – at least not on that particular bicycle. (Remember Cinzano guy.)

Keep your hands on the handlebars. Don’t be showing off like that kid who pedaled his mountain bike up Blackjack Hill with the “look, Ma, no hands” attitude.

Lucky for him I wasn’t able to catch up.


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