Tell your state senator to get behind cycling safety

Serious question: Why would Iowa’s Republican state senators oppose a bill that would make bicycling safer? (Update 2/26/09: Iowa Bicycle Coalition reports this passed the Iowa Senate today.)

I ask because of this message from the Iowa Bicycle Coalition today:

Subject: Senate vote delayed until Thursday

For some strange reason 5 foot passing and safe following distances is becoming a partisan issue.  No republicans voted for this bill in committee and now it looks like the Senate GOP may be opposing the bill.  If you have a Republican Senator, please contact them ASAP.

Get your team mates, club members, friends and family to do the same.  You would be surprised what a few dozen calls from voters could do to change someone’s mind.

Here’s an example of people we could reach:
Senator Noble from Ankeny
Senator Zaun from Urbandale
Senator Dearden from Des Moines
Senator Fraise from Ft. Madison, Mt. Pleasant, and Keokuk

Let’s urge all Senators to support safe cycling.  There is no reason for politics to play a role in sharing the road safely.

We need people to immediately call or email their Senator urging them to support a strong bike safety bill and resist amendments that would weaken the safety measures in the bill.

If you know your Senator’s name:
Call Switchboard 515-281-3371

You can [find] out your Senator at:

Five foot passing for all vehicles, motorcycles, and bikes is a part of this bill. More information at

Final question: If you want bicycling to be safer in Iowa, why would you not act now to make your wishes known?

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1 Response to “Tell your state senator to get behind cycling safety”

  1. 1 sam bergus February 26, 2009 at 7:08 am

    I especially like your last point. All too often people simply complain about what their government is doing without taking action. I strongly encourage everyone to write their senators and congressional representatives.

    Your representative only has one job, to represent what is in your best interest. I think it become easier for them to disregard those if you are not communicating them on a regular basis. So please, tell your representative (state and local) what you think is important, and tell them often.

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