Training for TOMRV: Part II

Sun Valley has a nice ring to it.

It’s just a couple of miles from the Smith place in SE Cedar Rapids. As the name indicates, it’s a low area surrounded by higher places.

Cottage Grove Avenue and Indian Creek run through this valley. So does East Post Road.

Once you’re in, there are several ways out. The one way that’s easy on a bicycle is following the Sac & Fox Trail along the creek. (Update 2/26/09: I should have said easy once the flood damage is fixed.)

Some hills to climb repeatedly to help you prepare for TOMRV in June:

  • Indian Hill Road north from Cottage Grove Avenue.
  • 34th Street SE, going south from Cottage Grove Avenue.
  • Cottage Grove Avenue, either west past Goblins Gully Drive to Country Club Parkway or east to East Post Road. Going west is steeper; east, a bit longer but more gradual.

To better simulate the first day of TOMRV, though, first ride or drive your bike from SE Cedar Rapids to Troy Mills and back (about 50 miles). Then ride in and out of Sun Valley until you’ve pedaled about 20 more miles.

That’s the “short” route, by the way.

Good thing we’ve got some time to get ready.

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2 Responses to “Training for TOMRV: Part II”

  1. 1 sam bergus February 23, 2009 at 7:12 am

    I had no idea that part of Cedar Rapids was known as Sun Valley, I do know that is where some of the most brutal hills are in the area. The first time I learned about the Cottage Grove hill was when I found myself at the bottom of it, and I live just past the top. It wasn’t a very fun way to finish off a long bicycle ride.

  2. 2 B.J.Smith February 23, 2009 at 7:21 am

    I don’t think I’d ever seen the Sun Valley name, either, until it caught my eye on the sign marking the trailhead for the Sac & Fox Trail. That’s at Cottage Grove Parkway and East Post Road.

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