Good bike shop service? Good question

How do you know if you’re getting good service from a bike shop? I’ve been wondering about that since Michelle Wiese raised a related question.

Much depends on your expectations, of course – on what your needs are and how demanding you are. I might be happy with a level of service that would send you to another shop and complaining to the Better Business Bureau.

There’s no set of answers I can think of that would apply to everybody, but here are a few of my own personal guidelines:

  1. If you’ve taken the bike in because it’s not shifting smoothly and it’s still not shifting right when you get it back and you end up fixing it yourself, you haven’t been well served.
  2. Let’s suppose you go in and find a new bike that you think you’d like to try out. If the sales person can’t find one with the frame size you want and doesn’t seem interested in getting one in so you can ride it, the shop probably doesn’t need your business. Go somewhere else and find someone who cares.
  3. When you go into the shop and ask the mechanic a question and he or she talks to you like you’re an idiot, feel free to take your business somewhere else.

I’ve had all three of those experiences and gone elsewhere. I’ve also had bad service and gone back to the same place and had the problem rectified and gone away happy.

Nobody is going to get everything right the first time. Mistakes happen.

#1 and #2 are forgiveable. The sales person who didn’t seem interested might get replaced and you’ll have a better experience next time.

#3. I won’t go back.

Can’t imagine why I would want to.

Pedal on.


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