They dig our district and want to plant us some trees

Trees Forever and Alliant Energy want to know where they should plant some trees.

John Wauro, vice president of the Linn County Trails Association, explained in a blast to the membership:

Trees Forever along with Alliant Energy has announced a program called “We Dig Your District” to plant trees in each of the five Cedar Rapids City Council Districts.  They are asking for suggestions for locations (including trails) that could benefit from a few well-placed trees.  See [the Trees Forever web site] for more information.

LCTA would like to submit suggestions for one or more of the council districts.  Please send me trail locations, trail parking lots or other trail related locations that additional trees would contribute to a healthier and more beautiful community.  Include a description of what makes this location special and how trees would make a difference at this site. Alternatively, you are welcome to submit your suggestion directly to Trees Forever as described on their web site.

Important:  The deadline for submission is February 25!

To help the LCTA get more trees along the trails, send your ideas to and send them soon.

Join the LCTA, while you’re at it, and thank these folks for getting things done.

Those trails didn’t just happen, you know.


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