Little known about victim of Iowa motorist

Followup on Jerry Person, who may be remembered, if at all, as just some guy who got killed while riding his bicycle in Iowa and the driver got six months in jail…

Curious about Mr. Person and his story, I tried contacting Fort Smith, Ark., media and police to see if anyone knew his family or much of anything about him. The only response so far came from Sgt. Levi Risley of the Fort Smith PD’s Office of Public Affairs:

The last contact the Fort Smith Police Department had with Mr. Jerry Alan Person was on April 1, 1998. Officer Gary Hulsey arrested him for breaking into a restaurant. Mr. Person listed his “next of kin” as his father, Jerry Person. There was no other information attached to his father’s name. Mr. Person did not list any additional family information on any of his police records.

I don’t know how he came to be in Muscatine. The man who was convicted of charges related to Person’s death maintained that he didn’t know he’d even hit anyone.


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