Cyclists are traffic. Deal with it.

One anonymous motorist in Cedar Rapids Friday morning said people riding bicycles on busy roads are traffic hazards. Another said cyclists should stay on bike trails.

Both make the all-too-common mistake of thinking that bicycles are all about recreation.

Our own Fifteen in 5 initiative a few years ago seemed to do the same when it lumped most cycling ideas in with trails issues. As a cycling advocate who had submitted a proposal to make the community more cycling friendly, I was given a spot on the recreation subcommittee. A transportation subcommittee at the time came up with recommendations that dealt almost exclusively with planes, trains and automobiles. (I mean that literally. It addressed all three, but not cycling.)

Now look at Mark Wyatt’s report on this week’s Bicycle Friendly Community seminar in the Quad Cities. He says, in part, that there was “a big emphasis on on-street bike routes with Shared Lane Pavement Markings being a preference.” Separated trails and sidepaths were considered low priorities.

Motorists, listen up. We’re not getting off the road.

We’re not hazards; we’re traffic. People traffic.

Go around.


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  1. 1 ggw_bach January 31, 2009 at 4:30 am

    cycling is the way we can reclaim our cities. The first step to walkable urban environments.

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