Some of what the City Council got from bicycle coordinator

Aha, so there actually was a presentation to the City Council a week ago today about where things stand on our road to bike friendliness. (We’d have had this news sooner if I hadn’t nodded off during the next-day broadcast of that council meeting.)

This is from an email that came in this morning from Ron Griffith, city project engineer and bicycle coordinator:

… This was my first presentation to Council since I submitted an internal memo last May and I was only given 10 minutes to present so it was very brief. The basis of my presentation was to update the Council on the progress towards Bicycle Friendly Community status. I provided them information on the Bicycle Advisory Committee, the schedule, the workshop that was held at PD, the 5E’s (see presentation) and then showed them a short video on “Sunday Parkways.”

He included a link to that video. Looks like a blast.

Griffith said the council asked very few questions and the presentation was “well received.” He added that the council expects to see an action plan in April.

Monica Vernon, council person for my district, put in a plug for the “Sunday Parkways” concept the other day in a comment on this posting. She was one of several council people I invited to express their views on the BFC project. No other takers so far.

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