Resolving to be more traffic-like

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Just as my thoughts wandered off to how many miles I might resolve to bicycle in 2009, I came across some resolutions proposed by the folks at the Iowa Bicycle Coalition:

Let’s resolve to pass the bike bill of rights.
Let’s resolve to expand the Safe Routes to School program.
Let’s resolve to jump to the Top 10 Bicycle Friendly States.
Let’s see a few of our cities earn Bicycle Friendly Community status.
Let’s learn more about how to increase the numbers of bicyclists on the roads.

They’ve got some winners there. One might also do well to resolve to:

Wear a helmet when riding if you don’t already.

Think “bicycle” first when you have an errand to run.

Pedal to work at least twice a week.

Pass cyclists carefully, whether you’re driving a car or truck or pedaling your own bicycle.

Behave like traffic and be treated like traffic.

Other suggestions?

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