Sac & Fox Trail rideable, but…

from the LCTA website

Something got me wondering about trail conditions around here the other day, so I asked Geoff Eastburn about them. He’s a bicycle racer, among other things, and soon to be president of the Linn County Trails Association (LCTA).

Here’s what he told me about the Sac & Fox Trail, which runs near Indian Creek and the Cedar River and was hit hard by the June flood:

I have ridden it multiple times since the flood and it is very rideable, with a couple of qualifications. It is more primitive than prior to the flood and there are large sand dunes near the Otis Road parking lot end of the trail. The Mt. Vernon road bridge/underpass is still out mandating the use of the street level bridge. A mountain bike would be best, but it can be done on a cross bike by more skilled riders. Frankly, it is a lot more fun now. It harkens me back to the early days on the S&F when it was a muddy double-track.

The Sac & Fox Trail winds through far southeast Cedar Rapids then parallels Otis Road from the Indian Creek Nature Center toward downtown within sight of the Cedar River. It’s popular with walkers, cyclists, horseback riders and cross-country skiers. I hope to learn more soon about what it will take to get it back in pre-flood shape.

The LCTA website has some raw numbers that help tell the dramatic story of that flood’s impact, thanks to the counters placed at key points on the trails and to the volunteers who report the numbers. Users passing the counter at Sokol Park dropped by about 3,000 for June and July 2008 compared to those same months in 2007.

As you may have heard, the flood took away a large chunk of trail just south of the park. Look for more on that here soon.

Meantime, take a look at the raw numbers for yourself.

Pedal on.


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