Bicycling and transportation planning: Have your say

OK, so reading about transportation planning is not the most fun part of bicycling, but you might want to check this out anyway:

Upper Old Hwy 6

The Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) does the transportation planning for the Cedar Rapids Metropolitan Area. Board members are elected reps and their appointees from Cedar Rapids, Ely, Fairfax, Hiawatha, Marion, Shueyville and Linn County.

They want feedback on a draft Outreach & Communication Plan.

Give them some.

It may be obvious why cyclists in particular might care about this:

  • The MPO has a direct effect on which transportation projects – mostly roads and trails – get funded and when.
  • Bicycling = economical form of transportation well-suited to use on both roads and trails.

Take a look at the plan. Click this for the pdf. It includes a quick overview of how funding happens, how decisions get made and how the planners will communicate with us – the taxpayers.

Then send your feedback to Long Range Planning Coordinator Drew Westberg ( or the Corridor MPO mailbox by 5 p.m. Jan 9. Get on the listserv, too.

Pedal on.

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