A cyclist’s Christmas wish list


My daughter asked me the other day what I would like for Christmas. How about this for 2009, Sarah?

Friendlier motorists sharing the roads in Cedar Rapids, Linn County and pretty much everywhere else.

A return of the Mayor’s Bike Ride in C.R.

Good weather for TOMRV in June.

No headwinds in excess of 30 mph.

Fewer flat tires (and less broken glass on the road).

A fun, safe RAGBRAI for all who participate.

Huge success for the Iowa Bicycle Coalition education/awareness program (and huge expansion of its membership).

Great turnout and perfect weather for the Cedar Rapids Challenge.

Bike parking facilities sprouting around town like the weeds do in my back yard.

Oh, and a domestique of my very own. And one for Mrs. Smith. Yeah, that’s it. His and hers domestiques.

OK, now what’s on your Christmas list, fellow cyclists?

Let us know. And pedal on.

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